How to shoot great photos in great places,
with great people...or alone.

Discovering great destinations where and how to shoot fantastic photos.
Connecting people with common passions: Travel & Photography.

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We will help on your journey to focus on your calling as a photographer, as you can only focus and capture the souls of your photographs.

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Meet the Tribe

Enjoy photography with people around you, at the right spot at the right time! Share your creativity, learn from others, network, get the buzz on the photo and outdoor world. And it is dedicated to those who share the Passion for photography. To anyone feeling emotions shooting a good photo. No matter if they are enthusiast amateur, semi-pro or pros.


Find the Spot

“Spot” because we are in whatever can create interest to our users like landscapes, coastlines, mountain ranges, buildings or bridges, religious events (like Eastern in Seville) cultural events, festivals, carnivals (The Rio or Venice carnival) Nature or once in a life time events such as volcano eruptions or lunar eclipses; in conclusion all the Spots where it is possible to take remarkable shots.

Social Experience

The aim of PhotoSpotLand is also to aggregate
the micro-communities that spontaneously grow around the popular Photo-Shooting Spots to share experience and knowledge.

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